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The adventures of the Carters in Paris continued over the weekend, as Beyonce posted a bunch of photos from their family trip to the Louvre.

The vacation abroad has already given us some amusing highlights, such as Jay going off on a French paparazzo, but nothing can compare with the Jay-Bey Mona Lisa selfie:

Because they’re in a race with Kim and Kanye to raise the world’s most cultured toddler, the Carters brought 2-year-old Blue Ivy with them.

Naturally, Baby Blue was more interested in the floor vents than the art, but well…that’s what’s you get when you bring a 2-year-old to a museum. Hey, it’s still not as ridiculous as the time Kimye brought North West to a fashion show

Jump into the gallery above to see Blue not even pretending to give a crap despite her parents’ best efforts to get her interested in art. 

Frankly, we think Blue Ivy’s summer vacation looked way more fun. Memo to the Carters: When you’re 2, trampolines are cooler than art! Come to think of it, that might be true at any stage in life.

The Mona Lisa’s cool and all, but we’re guessing people would get super pissed if you tried to bounce on it.