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Thursday night on Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 10, the dramatic season finale, the sisters meet to work out issues after Tamar’s Atlanta show.

Drama escalates, however, rather than dissipating.

Between Traci’s music video, one of the family members being rushed to the hospital, and Tamar mulling a drastic decision, there’s a great deal to discuss.

Watch Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 10 Online
Watch Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 10 Online

If you watch Braxton Family Values online, you know it’s all boiled down to this, and on the eve of the single they want to record, things come to a head.

Toni and Tamar are at odds, as they former thinks that the latter wouldn’t even have a career without her and the latter being insulted by this commentary.

As such, Tamar performs in New Orleans without her sisters present, and she is impressive on stage but hurt off stage that she had to go it alone.

Hurt enough to extend an olive branch?


Don’t bet on it, at least not this week.

Meanwhile, Traci is filming what she hopes will be "the hottest music video of all time," while seemingly lacking any real chemistry with her co-star.

Soon enough, it’s time to put all the in-fighting on hold as their dad suffers a health scare, and the sisters form a united front in the face of crisis.

Then they go back to fighting.

We know it’s edited, but as soon as we learn he’s gonna be alright, they pick up like that never happened, with Tamar the most dramatic of the drama queens.

Toni and Trina at least try to meet in the middle, or agree to disagree, or at least communicate in a civil way, but through it all, Tamar digs in her heels.

As the credits roll, it doesn’t look like the sisters are anywhere near patching all this stuff up, leaving their relationships in doubt … at least until next episode.

What’d you think? Discuss!