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When a rich video gamer ends up getting murdered in cold blood, just about everyone close to him becomes a suspect on Bones Season 10 Episode 4.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan discuss Christine’s future. Uh oh …

Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 4 Online
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 4 Online

A body on a riverbank kicked off Bones Season 10 Episode 4, and Brennan and Co. determined it was famed video game designer Haynes Robertson.

Brennan and Booth visited Haynes’ roommate, Noah, who shared an account with him, and his video came company, whose boss Anne clashed with Robertson.

New partner Aubrey took a video at the video game studio that demonstrated how the markings on body match the signature fighting move in one of his games.

Booth and Aubrey confronted one of the employees who admitted to roughing Haynes up, but not to killing him, while telling them the value of Haynes’ bracelet.


This led to the team unearthing the fact that Noah’s girlfriend, Chloe, had been sleeping with Haynes. Booth and Aubrey brought them both in for questioning.

The twist? They did not seem to recognize each other. Haynes had created Chloe online to control Noah, while secretly dating the real Chloe (Alice).

However, Noah then revealed that he still been talking to the fake online Chloe after Haynes’ death, which made things more intriguing and complicated.

Not to spoil it when you watch Bones online, but:

Noah’s ex Anne, whom Booth and Aubrey met earlier at the game studio, killed Haynes to take over the fake Chloe account and break up with Noah.

All in an effort to get him back.

With Brennan using the game design program and her technical acumen to narrow down the killer’s physical attributes, they nailed Anne as the suspect.


Meanwhile, the two leads were discussing, at times contentiously, where to send Christine to school. Booth, of course, favors public school more than Brennan.

But when a new intern who had grown up in an experimental educational cooperative like Brennan favored joined her team, she saw things differently.

The intern was helpful with her approach and, Brennan suddenly found herself doubting her instincts (gasp) and let Booth pick the school for Christine.

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