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First Family drama. A major Fitz-Olivia showdown. A crazy final twist.

Was Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 scandalous enough for you?!?

Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 Online
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 Online

Let’s begin with First Daughter Karen. She got away from her Secret Service detail in order to attend a house party… 500 miles away.

She drank. She smoked up. She engaged in a sex act with multiple people. And it was all caught on video.

The Gladiators were therefore called in and sprung into action, with Huck somehow powering down all party cell phones and Quinn learning the identity of the two sex partners.

Olivia met with the parents of one boy and they demanded $2.5 million to keep quiet. Forget the Kim Kardashian sex tape, they figured. Imagine how much a First Daughter sex tape would fetch?!?


Fitz was told of the blackmail scheme and broke down over his failures as a “husband” and a “father” and, once Olivia admits to him that she went away with Jake, also as a “man.” It was a touching scene overall.

But Fitz gave Olivia the okay to accept the extortion price and it would have ended there. If only the boy’s parents hadn’t then asked for another half million and referred to Karen as a “dirty little slut.”

Olivia snapped over this remark, going off on the family for taking advantage of the Grants (who recently lost a son) and vowing to destroy them in the press.

Elsewhere, after learning that Secret Service agent Tom had apparently been stealing a strain of bacterial meningitis at Fort Detrick, Fitz calls in Rowan to interrogate him.

He keeps pressing Tom and is eventually told that Jake gave the order to kill Jerry Jr. We then see Secret Service agents haul Jake away and are left to wonder:

Why did Tom rat him out for a crime he didn’t commit?

Final Tidbits:

  • Fitz and Mellie fought over Olivia being the one to clean up their daughter’s mess, with POTUS getting in some nice shots over how he’s put up with “drunk Mellie, smelly Mellie, ‘Screw everything to hell’ Mellie and ‘Eat everything that’s not nailed down’ Mellie,’” but he won’t be lectured about this.
  • Mellie later tries to comfort and advise Karen, telling her to "keep her knees together."
  • Jake threatens to snap Rosen’s neck after the Attorney General says he’ll never release any B613 files if anything happens to Jake.

A sex tape. A shocking ending. A couple all-out fights and arguments. Scandal is back!

If you missed this installment, you can watch Scandal online via TV Fanatic.

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