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Happy belated National Cat Day, pet lovers!

While this holiday took place on October 29, it’s never too late to post a few pictures of adorable kittens, is it? Especially when those adorable kittens are being cradled by some of the biggest names in Hollywood?

That’s what we thought.

Celebrities who adore their cats run the gamut, from rappers to Glee stars to those who portray members of the undead on The Vampire Diaries.

Not to mention Taylor Swift, of course, the most famous cat lover of them all. She and Olivia Benson have been given their very own photo gallery, after all.


Miley’s ex-boyfriend also has a kitty. As does Zac Efron, Rita Ora and Katy Perry, the latter of whom easily has the best cat name in all of Hollywood.

What is it? Click through the above images and find out now!