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Ava Sabrina London, the transsexual model Hank Baskett with whom allegedly had a sexy fling while wife Kendra Wilkinson was pregnant, is again going on record about it.

The rumor is true, she says, and he’ll likely do it to Kendra again!

Wilkinson’s horror, shock, devastation and rage at the fact that Hank cheated on her with Ava is evident in the new season of WeTV’s Kendra on Top.

Heck, it’s the only reason for the reality show, honestly.

Because the details of the affair are so out there, and the teasers for the show so hilariously scripted and over the top, many fans think it could be a hoax.

Not so, Ava London says. Not in your life.

“He called me the evening after [the affair story broke] and asked how I could help him,” Ava reveals in a new interview with celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.


Hank, who had previously tried to buy Ava’s silence, “asked me what I was going to say to the media, and I just told him that I was going to say the truth.”

She said a lot, that’s for sure, and blew the lid off of Hank’s dirty secret. These Kendra on Top sneak peeks tell us how that supposedly went over.

Kendra on Top Clip - Baskett Case
Kendra on Top Teaser

Ava says she has told the truth, as promised, from the start over the course of various interviews, and opines that she does not think she will be Hank’s last affair.

If Hank is still together with Kendra, that is.

That alone is the subject of great debate, as the couple has been seen together in public many times since the affair broke, and he hasn’t been kicked out.

Nor has she filed for divorce, but some speculate that she is turning lemonade into lemons for the sake of a reality TV payday and may still file.

In any case, Hank’s wife did not take it well.

“He said Kendra broke down crying and locked herself in the bedroom. I feel extremely bad that she had to go through this,” London adds, amusingly.

The man who became a woman but still has a penis goes on to add that, “I understand she loves him, but I believe he will do it again down the line.”

More Ava London pics and videos below …