American Horror Story Trailer: What to Expect from The Freak Show

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American Horror Story: Freak Show is off and running scaring.

On American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1, viewers were introduced to Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, the German woman in charge of a carnival of... abnormal individuals.

We learned a great deal about Elsa on the premiere and we also met a bearded lady (played by Kathy Bates), conjoined twins (played by Sarah Paulson) and a disfigured biker (played by Evan Peter).

But plenty more freaks are on the way, from a fortune teller to a strong man to a hermaphrodite with three breasts.

Explained creator Ryan Murphy to Entertainment Weekly:

"The [opener] is about Elsa and Bette and Dot and Jimmy. Then the second one you spend a lot of time with Kathy Bates and [Chiklis] and Angela Bassett. Then in the third one you meet Emma Roberts and Denis O'Hare. That's when the story coalesces. It's a slower rollout than we've ever done." 

Get to know some of the impending characters via the extended trailer above and watch American Horror Story online by clicking Play on the following video.

But be warned: the episode involves a killer clown.

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