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The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are head over heels in love, enjoying marriage, and looking to start a family sooner rather than later.

Not shocking if you know Sean and Catherine. These two basically reside on Cloud Nine, which might get irritating if it weren’t so darned adorable.

So when are the lovebirds thinking about procreating?

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“Eventually,” Catherine said when asked that very question. “Not like in the next couple months, but we’re definitely thinking about it in the next year or so.”

Sean Lowe, Giudici’s husband of nearly nine months, said that “we’re all over the place” with travel plans, but that it’s in the cards for them, and soon.

If you watch The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, you know that relationships which thrive on ABC don’t always continue to do so in the “real world.”


Catherine and Sean have defied that trend and then some. These days, life for them is the anti-Bachelor life. Beyond low key, and just how they like it.

Last night, he went out to pick up sushi, while Catherine Giudici set the dinner table for them at home, then they cuddled and watched The Killing on Netflix.

“Now that’s a date night for ya,” Lowe cracked.

“We’re pretty boring,” she added.

“I have Nyquil in my bag.”

Appropriate, since their life sounds like a major snooze-fest … in a good way. It’s nice to see a reality TV couple so earnest and in it for each other, not the fame.