Phaedra Parks to Divorce Apollo Nida, Serve Him With Papers in Prison!

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A new report indicates that Phaedra Parks will divorce her incarcerated husband Apollo Nipa, and plans to serve him with divorce papers in prison.

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Days after he started his lengthy prison sentence for bank and wire fraud at FMC Lexington prison in Kentucky, Apollo can now look forward to a rude awakening.

Well, he's probably already had that. It's prison, after all. But Phaedra's divorce filing is about to hit him where it hurts, and there's nothing he can do about it.

“Phaedra’s starting the divorce process all on her own,” a Parks source, says, noting that the Atlanta lawyer has "already drawn up papers herself.”

That's not to say that Apollo plans on going down quietly, despite his felonious ways. He's reportedly planned a preemptive prison strike of his own.

“He wants to write a tell-all book while he’s in there,” a Nida insider dishes.

Hopefully, he takes some writing and reading lasses prior to that, as Apollo Nida's prison video message shows us that he doesn't know what "asunder" means.

Nida, it's been said, "wants to reveal shocking secrets about what led him to prison, and about Phaedra and their relationship. Nothing will be off-limits!”

Like whether or not he lied about sexting Kenya Moore, for example?

It's unclear, but he's looking at an eight-YEAR stint at Club Fed, so the failed white collar crook will have time to cover a great deal once he learns some big words.

Good times in the penal system.

Nida apparently filmed some scenes for the duo's reality show before briefly going AWOL and then reporting to prison, so that should be interesting.

At this point we have no idea what will be shown and what won't, and what's fact or fiction regarding the 48 hours before his sentence officially began.

We'll have to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to find out, and you can bet it will be explosive in any case. Nida's a head case as it is.

Him going to prison? Look out!

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