Office Fight Over Sandwich Leads to Epic, Passive-Aggressive Exchange of Notes

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It's a problem in offices around the world. You spend the morning grueling away at your desk imagining that tasty, delicious lunch you put in the shared refrigerator.

The time comes for you to partake of that meal prepared the night before and... it's gone. Someone stole your lunch. The realization hits you like a ton of bricks.

From that point on, you have two choices: 

  1. Get mad
  2. Get even
  3. Okay, three choices, because you could be like this guy and decide to get really, really passive aggressive with your shadowy note-writing ...

We're at least 98 percent certain that this is the most passive aggressive office fight in the history of office fights.

We're actually sort of shocked that Comic Sans didn't set up a surveillance system to catch the Sandwich Thief in the act! 

No worries, though, HR maven Tina saved the day. But not in time to save the sandwich. 


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