The Most Passive Aggressive Office Fight Ever

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This is THE MOST passive aggressive office fight ever. Who knew a turkey and swiss on rye could be such serious business?

1. It Begins

It Begins
In the beginning there was a sandwich, and it was good. (There was also Comic Sans, which was not good.)

2. A Thief Among Us

A Thief Among Us
Demands for the stolen sandwich? $10. Seems reasonable if the sandwich is really that good, right?

3. Negotiations Commence

Negotiations Commence
Comic Sans does not negotiate with (sandwich) terrorists.

4. Motivation

To motivate Comic Sans to comply with requests for $10, Sandwich Thief begins showing just how far he'll go with his hostage.

5. A Reasonable Question

A Reasonable Question
It IS a reasonable question, but one must assume that the turkey and swiss on rye was just too delicious looking to leave alone.

6. The Clock Is Ticking

The Clock Is Ticking
Comic Sans is wasting time and that sandwich is disappearing like Marty McFly in a family photo.

7. Reinforcements

Tina from HR steps in to help negotiate the end of this sandwich crisis.

8. The Ante Is Upped

The Ante Is Upped
Sandwich thief has upped the ante! Throw a pizza into the fridge if you ever want to see your sandwich again!

9. That'll Teach Him

That'll Teach Him
Tina does not negotiate with (sandwich) terrorists either.

10. It's Not About the Sandwich

It's Not About the Sandwich
This isn't even about the sandwich! It's about POWER!

11. Insults Fly

Insults Fly
Sandwich Thief is the actual worst. WORST!

12. The ACTUAL Worst

The ACTUAL Worst
THIS is the actual worst. A picture of a plate where one a turkey and swiss on rye rested.

13. Tina To the Rescue

Tina To the Rescue
Tina has discovered the culprit. Francis is busted.

14. Think Twice

Think Twice
Next time Francis will think twice before stealing a sandwich because (sandwich) terrorists never win.

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