Michelle Money on AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn: Not Gonna Work!

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Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn are destined to fail as a couple, according to someone who should know: Michelle Money.

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If you watch Bachelor in Paradise (or Bachelor Pad, or even The Bachelor when she was on that), you know Michelle isn't perfect, but she is very real.

Down to earth, kind and incredibly loyal for a hot girl who would appear on any or all of the above shows, she's a breath of fresh air every season.

That's why her opinion of the romance enjoyed by Paradise co-stars AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn - who had a thing with Money as well - carries weight.

AshLee and Graham's "connection" has somewhat befuddled many viewers since the moment the show premiered, and rightfully so if you ask us.

Already revealed as a clinger from Sean Lowe's season, Frazier basically admitted she went on the show to stalk Graham after she fell in love with his Instagram account.

In a recent interview, Michelle Money offered a candid assessment of the duo:

"AshLee is a sweet woman. She was kind to me, and she was kind to everyone. There's a lot of really sweet things she did for everyone that you don't get to see."

However, the Money Maker goes on, "It was very obvious that when cameras were on, it was a different version of AshLee ... she had two different personalities."

"Knowing Graham the way I know him, that's not something he's interested in."

Michelle also noted that Graham would be a great match for someone with "consistent personality" and "It became clear that AshLee wasn't that girl."


While AshLee Frazier slut shaming Clare Crawley didn't do herself any favors with fans, Michelle's take on her is just more ammo for her detractors.

As we said, if anyone in Paradise has any business talking, it's Michelle.

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