Lindsay Lohan Lied About Moving Whitney Houston's Corpse, Says Coroner; Literally No One is Shocked

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Following the stunning revelation that water is wet, we learned today that Lindsay Lohan is an attention-starved liar who genuinely believes she's been victimized by the world. 

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Lindsay claimed she "rolled Whitney Houston's body bag" while serving out a community service sentence at the LA County morgue in 2012.

Now, in a twist that's sure to shock absolutely no one, the coroner's office has revealed that Lohan's story is total BS.

A spokesperson for the morgue issued a statement to TMZ claiming that no one in Lindsay's program ever came in contact with Houston's body. Additionally, Houston was never in a body bag.

So it looks as though we've got another classic Lohan lie: self-aggrandizing, nonsensical - the type of mind-boggling you'd might expect if 4-year-olds were allowed access to alcohol.

The sad thing is, by this point in her "career," she probably believes every word that comes out of her own mouth.

Remember when Lindsay sued the makers of Grand Theft Auto because she thought she had a copyright on being blonde and wearing a bikini?

That's the sort of thinking that can only come from a solid decade or more of daily cocaine and ass-kissing.

Any sane person would realize by now that if you sit down with a reporter and claim that you hoisted Whitney Houston's body over your shoulders and spun it around like in the opening credits of Fresh Prince, that statement is going to be heavily scrutinized and proven to be a flat-out lie.

But in Lindsay's case, not only does she not think that far in advance, she's gone over the BS version of events so many times in her head that she's started to believe that's really how things went down.

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