Lindsay Lohan Forgets Her Lines, Gets Laughed at by Audience in Big Stage Debut

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For months now, we've been hearing that Lindsay Lohan's stage debut will be the key to reviving her long-dead career.

Nobody thought it was possible, but hey, we believe in 4,772nd chances so we decided to reserve judgment until the reviews came in.

Well, guess what? Wednesday was Lindsay's big opening night, and the reviews are in. And they're bad. Really bad. Like...pretty much as bad as everything else that Lindsay has done post-Mean Girls.

And as as just about everyone predicted, the biggest problem with the West End debut of David Mamet's Speed the Plow is Lindsay herself. 

Not only could Lohan not remember her lines, she was reportedly such a mess on stage that the audience erupted in derisive laughter on multiple occasions.

Ever since Lindsay moved to London back in May, she's been banking everything on her performance in this play.

She promised the world we'd finally see how much she'd improved as an actress, and Hollywood would come calling.

So after months of Lindsay boasting about her talent and posting photos of herself with Meryl Streep, it's easy to see why - after she forgot her lines for the third time in one performance - the audience wasn't willing to just chalk it up to opening-night jitters.

There are too many scathing reviews for us to quote them all, but we think the thoughts of one random audience member who was quoted by a critic sum things up pretty well.

After Lindsay went deer-in-the-headlights before being fed a line from offstage, one Londoner was heard to remark, "Oh my God, it's so embarrassing."

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