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Yesterday, we posted the GIF of Corgi puppies simultaneously tripping and tumbling to the ground, side by side, step for step.

The following video also involves a creature falling to the ground and, although it’s not nearly as precious as the photo linked to above, it’s a lot more funny.

The footage simply features a woman filming her feline eating because, hey, why not? Cats are very cute.

But in trying to get the best angle and in attempting to capture the ambiance of the moment, the owner doesn’t see where she’s going and… CRASH! SPLAT! OUCH! 

She falls over a chair, flat on her butt, feet kicked high into the air.

Watch the mishap take place now and take note of the cat’s adorable reaction:

Cat Owner Captures Cat Eating, Falls Over Chair

Really, this is the purr-fect reminder NOT to film pets unless your feet are planted fur-mly on the ground. We’re very sorry. But it had to be written.


While we’ve got the attention of cat lovers everywhere, check out this totally adorable picture gallery: