Lindsay Lohan: Moving to London to Party Without Paparazzi?

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Lindsay Lohan has been getting drunk in London an awful lot lately and now there are reports that LiLo is looking to binge-drink across the pond on a permanent basis.

Yes, Lindsay is reportedly moving to London and there are two very different theories as to why.

The first explanation is offered by an "insider" close to Lindsay. The source tells London's Daily Mail that "Lindsay prefers the way people in London treat her."

This anonymous friend adds, "Here she is a big star as opposed to a trashy party girl, which is how people in the US see her. She's more in demand in London than she is in the US."

Of course, there's also been speculation that Lindsay is fleeing the country for the exact opposite reason, as she reportedly (wrongly) believes she'll  be able to maintain a lower profile in jolly old England. 

Despite publicist reports to the contrary, Lindsay has been partying harder than ever in London.

Don't let the photo above fool you, Lohan has been a sad, saggy mess during her time overseas, and the British press have been loving every minute of it.

So if Lindsay believes she'd be able to self-destruct in private in the UK, she's way off base, but it sounds like exactly the kind of conclusion her crack logic would bring her to.  

Of course, as Americans, we shouldn't even be questioning her motives. Looking at the possibility of a Lindsay-free nation and wondering why we got so lucky would be like questioning the motives of someone who just handed you a winning lotto ticket. 

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