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Lindsay Lohan may be done partying and dating these days, but she’s not done seeking approval and attention from strangers on the Internet.

While other celebrities were paying their respects to Joan Rivers on Twitter, Lindsay took to Instagram yesterday to subtly (in her mind) remind us that she was once an in-demand actress with a promising career ahead of her:

That’s Lindsay with Meryl Streep doing a magazine shoot for the film A Prairie Home Companion in which they co-starred.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Yes, Lindsay Lohan used to get cast in acclaimed films alongside esteemed actresses.

It’s probably no coincidence that Lindsay chose to bring this long-forgotten fact to our attention the same day that Rivers died, as Linds was a favorite target of Rivers’, whereas Streep…well, everyone loves Meryl Streep.


In fact, Rivers wrote about Streep attending her funeral just a few months before she died.

It’s interesting, but kinda depressing to see Linds try and get one over on us while simultaneously flipping off a recently deceased legend.

It’s like when you’re taking care of someone else’s kid, and the they try to convince you that their parents totally let them have ice cream for dinner. They think they’re being clever, but they just don’t have the mental capacity to realize how obvious they are.

It’s funny at first, and then kinda sad, because you realize this kid ain’t getting rocky road before bed any more than Lindsay Lohan is getting her career back.