LeAnn Rimes Threatens to Kick Radio Host's Ass On the Air

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As all of her Twitter followers know, LeAnn Rimes doesn't put up with any crap. Not in a cool, tough chick way, but in a wildly insecure, "OMG did someone in Des Moines just say they don't like outfit?!" way.

So when she's not stalking Brandi Glanville, LeAnn uses her social networking accounts to attack regular old non-famous folks who made the mistake of having opinions.

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As fun as it is to watch LeAnn's Twitter meltdowns, it's even better when she loses her cool in real life, like she did when she called into a Phoenix radio show to chew out the host yesterday:

The story goes that LeAnn came to town to attend a David Gray concert and briefly join the singer on stage.

Local radio personality Matt McAllister was seated in front of LeAnn and claimed that the controversial celebrity talked loudly throughout the concert.

LeAnn - who apparently has nothing better to do than fly to Phoenix for David Gray concerts than spend the next morning listening to local radio - called in to clear the air.

Naturally, in doing so, she just ended up making things way, way worse. Standard. LeAnn began by claiming that she wasn't talking, she was singing.

McAllister stood his ground, so LeAnn changed her story to something along the lines of, "Okay, I was talking but it was about important famous-people stuff like what time I'm gonna go backstage."

Again, the host basically called BS and LeAnn started to get pissed. She kept it all passive-aggressive and giggled throughout the interview, but she ended the call by saying, "Stop talking crap. I will come down there and kick your ass."

So yeah, the whole thing was as painful as an episode of LeAnn & Eddie. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but still, pretty darn painful nonetheless.

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