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At this point, it seems like the feud between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes is as old as any conflict in the Middle East, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Now that LeAnn is done trash-talking Brandi on her reality show (because it’s certain to get canceled), she’s been forced to go back to harassing Brandi in person. 

Apparently, LeAnn joined a new pilates studio recently, and she’s been tweeting about how much pain she’s suffering after her workouts.

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It’s nothing, however, compared to the pain we’re sure Brandi experienced when she saw her longtime rival walk in and start unrolling her mat. Yes, LeAnn joined Brandi’s pilates studio, and as you may have guessed, Brandi is less than pleased:

“Some1 has wanted a reaction from me 4 forever so here it is,” she tweeted yesterday. “Welcome 2 my tiny pilates studio that I’ve been going to for 12 yrs!! #stalker”


Sure, Brandi could’ve been talking about anyone who’s been stalking her for years and recently joined a new pilates studio, but we’re gonna go out on a limb and assume she’s talking about LeAnn.

So yes, LeAnn is a psychopath for joining Brandi’s studio and continuing to go there even after coming face-to-face with Brandi.

But don’t worry, Brandi is certain to have the last laugh. While LeAnn is staying up nights trying to figure out ways to get under Ms. Glanville’s skin, Brandi can tear LeAnn and Eddie down with a single tweet.

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