Kris Jenner Stalker Targeted by FBI: Terrifying Details Revealed

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Back in April, Kris Jenner claimed "pranksters" had targeted her family by calling her phone and hanging up, and contacting media outlets pretending to be Kris.

Now, it seems there have may have been something far more sinister than pranks going on.

Earlier today, the FBI entered a Beverly Hills hotel room occupied by a woman named Christina Bankston.

They confiscated her cellphone, laptop, and iPad which they say contain evidence that Bankston is responsible for calling Jenner 300 times a day and making death threats against her.

Bankston reportedly made the trip to LA to pay a surprise visit to Kris. TMZ has obtained this video of Banskton shouting "I love you Kris," while riding a roller coaster last week:

Scary stuff. Scarier still? Bankston remains a free woman, as authorities didn't evidence to arrest her.

Yes, Bankston claims that a friend had been borrowing her electronics for the past eight months so she had no idea all of this was happening.

This isn't the first time that Kris has been targeted by a stalker. Back in April, she hired extra security after someone broke into her home. In June, Jenner was hacked and forced to delete a series of "I hate Kanye" posts from her social networking pages.

There's no word on whether or not Banskton was involved in either incident.

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