Kevin Hart Battles Josh Gad in Ellen-Hosted Dance-Off: Who Won?

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Talk show hosts were full of intense competitions on Wednesday.

First, there was Blake Shelton teaming with Gwen Stefani in an epic lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon.

Then, Ellen DeGeneres played host and emcee to a dance-off no one could have seen coming, but everyone should take the time to watch.

It pitted two funny men against each other in a very serious one-on-one setting, as 60 seconds were put on the clock and Kevin Hart first stepped up to showcase his moves.

Josh Gad then followed suit, hitting the floor, sort of Twerking and giving us a look at his self-proclaimed "Bar Mitzvah" dancing. What the heck did that entail?

You may not wanna know. But check out the footage to see who Ellen crowned winner and why:

Earlier in the week, Ellen also cracked us up when she sang a terrible duet of "Let It Go" with Kristen Wiig. Follow the preceding link to view it.

And click away below to have DeGeneres crack your funny bone via many other memorable bits and segments:

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