27 Great Moments in Ellen History

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If it's on Ellen, it's probably funny.

Relive many great moments with Ellen DeGeneres and her guests now.

1. Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres - "Watching Cats on the Internet"

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres perform a track here off their album, "White Ladies Rapping." Sit back and enjoy "Watching Cats on the Internet" now!

2. Zac Efron to Ellen: Happy Birthday!

Ellen DeGeneres is a very lucky woman. Watch Zac Efron serenade her for her birthday here.

3. Kim Kardashian Gets a New Bikini

Kim Kardashian talks Christmas cards and bikinis in this chat with Ellen. Watch the star get a new bathing suit now.

4. Ellen DeGeneres Defends Marriage, Slams Tabloids

Ellen DeGeneres is very happy in her marriage. She makes that very clear in this monologue, slamming a Star magazine report.

5. Ellen DeGeneres Christmas Card Reveal

Ellen DeGeneres unveils her Christmas Card in this video. You MUST see what it looks like.

6. Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform "Can't Hold Us"

Sophia Grace & Rosie perform Macklemore's hit song "Can't Hold Us" on Ellen.

7. Ellen DeGeneres Gives Coworkers Cash And A Car

Ellen DeGeneres gets generous and gives cash and a car to two coworkers who have fallen on hard times. We dare you not to cry while watching this video.

8. Ellen's Favorite Waitress Gets a Car

She impressed us all when she bought a meal for two furloughed officers, now Ellen is back with her favorite waitress for a surprise that will change her life forever.

9. Ellen DeGeneres on Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres loves Halloween. Check out her amazing costume in this footage from her talk show.

10. Waitress Gets Amazing Surprise From Ellen

Sarah's story touched a lot of people, and Ellen had to meet her! What Ellen did next was so awesome.

11. Ellen: Abercrombie & Fitch Monologue

Ellen DeGeneres slams Abercrombie & Fitch in her May 20 monologue. She rules.

12. Ellen DeGeneres Supports Jason Collins

Ellen DeGeneres applauds Jason Collins in this monologue. She expresses her appreciating for his coming out announcement.

13. Dennis Quaid Prank on Ellen

Dennis Quaid and Ellen team up to prank a nurse on her set. Pretty good.

14. Katy Perry Plays Game Show Host on Ellen

Katy Perry plays a game show host on Ellen. Pretty funny.

15. Ellen DeGeneres Newtown Dedication

Ellen DeGeneres opens her show here with an emotional tribute to the victims of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

16. Ellen DeGeneres Scare Montage

Ellen DeGeneres loves to scare guests on her talk show. See what we mean in this funny video.

17. Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres - "Shoop"

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres get down to "Shoop" in this amazing video. It's a must-watch.

18. Selena Gomez: Scared on Ellen!

Got ya, Selena Gomez! The actress gets totally freaked out during this appearance on Ellen.

19. Ellen Scares Guests

Ellen DeGeneres gets into the Halloween spirit. With hilarious results.

20. Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cast Plays "I Never"

Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are featured in this fun clip from Ellen. They are playing "I Never."

21. Ellen DeGeneres Tries Late Night Monologue

Ellen DeGeneres won't be moving to primetime. She sort of mocks the idea in this monologue.

22. Kate Walsh: Pole Dancing on Ellen

Kate Walsh wants some more Twitter followers. And she's willing to pole dance for them!

23. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Ellen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen make a rare television appearance here with Ellen. Watch them play a hilarious game.

24. 3-Year Old Dances to "Happy"

This... is... adorable. Watch a young girl dance around to "Happy" during an appearance on Ellen.

25. Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform “Dark Horse” on Ellen

Sophia Grace & Rosie are back! They cover a Katy Perry classic in this sneak peek from Ellen.

26. Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres Sing "Let It Go"

We love Kristen Wiig so much. Watch her and Ellen DeGeneres team up for "Let It Go" in this show lip.

27. Josh Gad Versus Kevin Hart: Dance-Off!

It's Josh Gad versus Kevin Hart in a dance-off! Watch now to see who wins.

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