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In case you spend most of your time in a cave, with your fingers in your ears going, “La, la, la, la,” the iPhone 6 was released today to much fanfare, and many tech geeks spending hours in line so that they can tweet about how much Apple sucks on a slightly bigger screen.

Because while people are all psyched about the specs on the new phones, they’re equally pissed about the fact that Apple violated the sanctity of millions of iTunes accounts by forcing a new U2 album on an unsuspecting populace.

Katy Perry poked fun (we hope) at the baffling decision to cram free “music” down our throats with a tweet she posted last night:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

“FYI to all iPhone 6 buyers, there will also be a free selfie of me already in ur photo roll.”

While that would certainly be weird, it would be far less objectionable than finding out that the latest politically-charged howlings of a rapidly aging Irishman are now taking up your valuable storage space. When will the world learn that no means no Bono?


Anyway, we’re sure Katy was kidding about the free selfie, but since she was one of the few young A-listers not affected by The Fappening, we feel that the iFreaks shelling out $500 for the 6 Plus deserve at least one revealing shot of KP as a bonus.

Sigh. That’s probably asking too much. At least we’ll always have her mammaries​ our memories: