Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner: Dinner Date in Paris?!

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Sure, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together, but that doesn't mean he can't keep having intimate romantic dinners with models, right?

Well, if you ask Selena that's probably exactly what it means. Especially when said model is none other Selfie Queen and up-and-coming runway star Kendall Jenner.

Justin Bieber Shrugs
Kendall Jenner is a Model

TMZ has obtained footage of Justin and Kendall enjoying a quiet meal at the high-end Ferdi restaurant.

Seems innocent enough until you remember that Selena dismissed Kendall and Kylie Jenner as "toxic," and cut all ties with the reality stars back in April.

The beef was widely believed to be the result of Selena's jealousy over Kendall's flirtations with Justin. So needless to say, taking Kendall out to dinner just a few months after getting back with Selena may not be the brightest move on the Biebs' part.

Selena is in Paris at the moment as well, which means she either declined to join these two for dinner, or she didn't know about the rendezvous. Both possibilities seem very likely.

Bieber and Kendall were spotted holding hands in Spain over the summer and rumors that they dated have been circulating of months.

It's not known whether these dalliances took place behind Selena's back or while she and Justin were on one of their many breaks.

All we know for certain is that if Selena didn't know about Kendall and Justin's little dinner date before, she certainly does now.

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