Joanna Krupa on Nude Photo Hacking Scandal: Keep the Selfies Coming, Celebs!

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Plenty of people are incensed and outraged at the privacy violation that occurred when nude celebrity photos were hacked last weekend and posted to 4Chan and Reddit.

Joanna Krupa is not one of those people.

To hear The Real Housewives of Miami star and gorgeous model tell it, she's not mad about the possibility of her personal pictures hitting the web.

In fact, she recommends that celebrities keep snapping whatever kinds of photos they want, and has a generally positive view of the whole thing.

We'll let you watch the TMZ interview above for further explanation, although she was buying an external hard drive so she can ditch the iCloud.

Apple denies the iCloud was breached, but Krupa - whose name appears on the alleged "master list" of star victims - is not taking any more chances.

Krupa feels bad about the Kaley Cuoco, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak, to name a few, but since she's been in Playboy already?

What is there to see that we haven't already? See below ...

Enough said. Good luck with the investigation, FBI.

Speaking of which, Georgia man Bryan Hamade has been outed as a possible source of the leak, though not by any official law enforcement agency.

He denies any responsibility and claims he was simply trying to cash in on the 4Chan leak by masquerading as the hacker to score some free Bitcoins.

Seriously. What a world.

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