Bryan Hamade: Suspected Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pic Hacker Says He's Innocent

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Bryan Hamade, a 27-year-old from Georgia, denies he is the man behind the leak of the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos and other hacked celebrity images.

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His denial comes after Internet sleuths attempting to uncover the source of the celeb photo hacking scandal pointed their virtual fingers at Hamade.

They made the link based on a photo he shared, showing the names of his hard drive and network drive, along with a series of past Reddit posts.

Hamade vehemently denies claims that he had anything to do with the leak, but says he admits he tried to cash in on the pics (?) and get Bitcoins.

"I am not behind this. It was so stupid," he told Buzzfeed. "I saw a lot of people posting the actual leaks and bitcoin addresses and I’ve read a lot about Bitcoin."

"I thought, oh cool I’ll get free Bitcoins. I am just an idiot who tried to pull one over on 4chan and lost big time and stupidly left this identifying information."

So he tried to game his fellow trolls into giving him some of the hot virtual currency, basically, feigning that he had the pics. But this blew up in his face:

"They took my proof and back traced it ... it isn’t remotely true. I am not a hacker. I have no idea how the hell someone could hack into all those accounts."

Hamade went on to say that since being outed as the primary suspect, he has been constantly harassed by users of 4Chan, where "The Fappening" first occurred.

He has been emailed and called repeatedly, and deleted all of his social media accounts; it's far from clear if Hamade is actually behind any of this.

Being suspected by Reddit and 4Chan users and being the target of an FBI investigation are different matters, so if it's him, we'll know soon enough.

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