Jesse Kovacs: The Biggest Douche in Bachelor Franchise History?

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Is Jesse Kovacs the biggest loser in the history of The Bachelor franchise?

Juan Pablo Galavis won't be watching the ABC show, but he should be grateful it's on, because Kovacs is certainly making a strong argument for that title.

Compared to this douche, JPG is looking like a standup individual.

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If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you know it's hard to take seriously. Still, some participants seem at least moderately interested in finding love.

Or at least they're open to the idea of it. Jesse Kovacs, on the other hand?

He's there for free booze and to get his joint worked around the clock.

Having likely succeeded in getting it in with Christy, Michelle, and Lacy (remember last week's Jesse Kovacs threesome?), his house of cards collapsed Monday.

He's not the first guy to try to get his knob polished by multiple women in the span of a week, but when they're all living together? That takes serious brass.

Realizing even people shameless enough to go on this program had had it with his antics, he decided to exit paradise "like a man" ... by secretly bailing.

Rather than face the women at the rose ceremony and not receive one, he tried to bounce prior to that, only to be cornered by his harem of bikini babes.

Their confrontation was nothing short of classic. We almost felt bad for him.

Almost. Only not at all. Watching all three tear him apart at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 6 was fitting, as he deserved every second.

For whatever reason though, we're guessing he was quite okay with this. Unlike Juan Pablo, Jesse seemed to embrace his role as a d-bag on the show.

That tells you all you need to know about the man (term used loosely) who actually appeared sort of cool when he wooed Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette.

She (and everyone else to date) dodged that bullet, to say the least.

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