Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Aftermath and The Threesome

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On Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5, we picked up right where things left off with AshLee, Clare and Graham and the aftermath of Monday's train wreck.

The second half of this special Bachelor in Paradise two-night EVENT promised to ramp up the drama tenfold following AshLee's slut shaming of Clare.

It turned out that was only the beginning. There was also a threesome involved later in the show (seriously) and someone else dropped the L-bomb.

Yeah, it was a lot to take in Tuesday night. Follow the link to watch Bachelor in Paradise online, then come along as we recap all the insanity in Mexico ...

After Graham storming off to conclude the previous installment, Michelle went to check on him ... and we learned he was actually having an anxiety attack.

However, he pulled it together and accepted AshLee's rose.

Talk about a letdown. Although, this somehow caused Lacy to get sick and she had to be taken away an ambulance, so that was randomly noteworthy.

Not a lot of drama on the AshLee-Graham front, though, and Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5 proceeded without a hitch after that non-cliffhanger.

Michelle chose Cody with her rose, Sarah chose Robert, and Jackie chose Jesse, sending home Marquel and Kalon from Paradise. Sorry, Marquel.

Clare had already chosen Zack, and Lacy had chosen Marcus.

The newcomers this time: Christy from Juan Pablo‘s season. Zack said no to a date with her, out of respect for his "eggs in her basket" partner Clare.

Soon enough, though, he said they were moving too fast. Distraught, Clare took off into the jungle, perhaps to seek the company of raccoons.

Clare later returned unharmed, but decided to leave the show.

She seemed to be waiting for Zack to ask her to stay. He did not. "This is why I wanted to do Dancing with the Stars," Clare said in the best line ever.

Sarah and Robert went on a date and it went very well. Very hot, you could say. Michelle also got a date and chose Cody, who is falling for her hard.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are in love. He said as much.

Meanwhile, after Zack turned down Christy, she took Jesse Kovacs, who started talking about what he'd say if he were a “douchebag.” Not if, Jesse. When.

They ended up getting drunk and making out. Obviously.

Lucy, the “Free Spirit” from Juan Pablo’s season, was the other newcomer this episode, and got naked within minutes and also asked Jesse for a date.

She, Jesse and Christy then had a threesome, or at least it was strongly hinted that they did. Maybe he just made out with both in rapid succession?

Unclear. More next week. At the rose ceremony …

  1. Robert chose Sarah
  2. Graham chose AshLee
  3. Cody chose Michelle
  4. Marcus chose Lacy
  5. Zack chose Jackie
  6. Jesse chose Christy

Farewell, naked free spirit, Clare Bear and the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants who have left us far too soon this season. Fare thee well.

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