Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Who Showed Up? Who Went Home?

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A few more familiar faces showed up in Tulum on Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 6, and the final rose ceremony was held of next week's finale.

What will that entail? We have no idea. But check out our recap below, and follow the link to watch Bachelor in Paradise online and see how we got here ...

Brooks Forester and Tasos Hernandez, hunks from Desiree Hartsock's season and Andi Dorfman's season, respectively, are the latest to show up in Paradise.

How will these two arrivals impact the existing cast?

In the case of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, not at all. They got a date card, went on an adventure and are totally getting married to each other.

No, seriously. They got engaged after the show.

Michelle Money, meanwhile, was unsettled by Cody Sattler's declaration of love. Luckily he's so darn likable that she could open up to him and feel better.

Not only that, she probably liked him more after the way he handled the situation, and there seem to be actual sparks flying between this unlikely duo.

Sarah Herron, though, was all in a tizzy over this.

Brooks Forester showing up was the best/worst thing ever to happen to her. She's digging Robert but totally wants to bone Brooks and has for some time.

Because obviously. Because he's Brooks.

Robert, meanwhile, warns Brooks to stay away from Sarah or he will kill her. No misinterpreting that one. So Jackie gets the nod for Brooks' date.

Sarah realizes she should probably dump Robert if she has these feelings, but then found a love note from him and decided to table their breakup.

Jackie got a date card of her own and totally hit it off with her chosen man, Zack, while back at the house, Christy was falling for that slime ball Jesse.

Michelle spilled that Lucy's mouth had been all over him while he and Christy were also hooking up, so she luckily put the kibosh on that "relationship."

When one door closes, another opens, and Tasos swept her away on a date - Michelle's recommendation. They should give her a finder's fee for that!

Tasos came off looking like the man in this episode. Jesse Kovacs? Not so much as the house ganged up on him for his egregious sexual escapades.

At rose ceremony time …

  1. Lacy picks Marcus
  2. AshLee picks Graham
  3. Sarah picks Robert
  4. Michelle picks Cody
  5. Christy picks Tasos
  6. Jackie picks Zack

Farewell, Brooks and Jesse. Safe travels you guys. Don't try to get it in with too many girls at the airport while waiting for your flight back home.

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