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Sadly, with the passage of Labor Day, the summer of 2014 is unofficially at an end.

But Iggy Azalea is from Australia – where the seasons are reversed and thirsty stars can go from Britney Spears wannabes to gangsta-ass "murder business" rappers overnight.

So while the rest of us mourn the end of beach season, Iggy is celebrating the start of her reign as Queen of the Charts.

Yes, after months of breaking sales records, "Fancy" is officially the best-selling song of the summer. Take that, rappers who write their own songs!

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We kid Iggy because we love her. Sure there are those pesky rumors that T.I. ghostwrites all of Iggy’s rhymes, but if we lived in a world where only songwriters became stars then you would’ve never heard the word "Bieber," and who would want that?

Maybe it’s best if you don’t answer that question.


Iggy is the first woman to have two of the top three songs of the summer. "Problem" – her collaboration with Ariana Grande took the number three spot behind "Rude" by Magic! (We’re not that excited; the exclamation point is obnoxiously part of the band’s name.)

Of course, the last two song of the summer winners were Robin Thicke and Carly Rae Jepsen, so, um…you may want to stay on you grind to avoid a similar fate, Iggy. Just sayin’.