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An older music video attributed to Australian rap diva Iggy Azalea and entitled "Nothing Like Me" has hit the web this week, and it’s appropriately titled.

First thing’s first … this is not the realest Iggy you know now!

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Apparently one of Azalea’s pre-fame attempts at music stardom, "Nothing Like Me" sounds quite a lot like the 2008 Britney Spears hit "Womanizer."

She sings instead of raps and dances in a room that appears to be empty and the production quality is (sorry) nothing like what she’s used to nowadays.

The track is not terrible by any means, it’s just (obviously) nothing that made the aspiring star, now 24 and on top of the world, stand out at the time.

Clearly, her subsequent genre shift served the "Fancy" Azalea well. When Nicki Minaj is feuding with you, that alone tells you you’ve made an impact.

Her emergence in the rap game over the past year has given her a near-constant presence on the radio, and on celebrity gossip websites like this one.


We’ll forgive her an early pop video attempt or 10. Especially if she’s sharing Iggy Azalea bikini photos with us on social media in addition to her hit songs: