Courtney Stodden Talks Cheating on Doug Hutchison: I Wanted to Sow My Wild Oats!

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On last week's Couples Therapy reunion show, Courtney Stodden admitted to "sleeping around" on Doug Hutchison in front of her cast mates, a studio audience, and a couple million folks watching at home,

Embarrassing for Doug, but at least she got it off her ample chest and it's over now, right?

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Not so much. Courtney wrote an article for British tabloid The Daily Star recently, in which she goes in depth about her infidelity. Ever wonder exactly how many guys Courtney banged on the side and what they do for living? Now you can find out!

"I married young and never slept around before saying 'I do' [I was a virgin on our honeymoon]," Courtney writes. "I found myself wanting to 'sow my wild oats', so to speak, and experience what it would be like to be young, reckless and promiscuous."

"Over the next six months, I went absolutely wild. I partied with friends, drank way too much for my own good, and experienced the dating world."

"Men wanting to wine and dine me. Men promising to show me good times. Men flattering me with diamonds. I dated four of them: a plastic surgeon, an attorney, a dermatologist and an actor."

She goes on to write about how the whole experience made her realize that she's, like, totally in love with Doug. Hopefully for his case, that's a lesson she only needs to learn once.

First Courtney confessed that her boobs are fake, now she's admitting she got married way too young. What's next, sharing her stunning realization that water is wet?

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