Cockatoo Tosses Treats to Dogs, Gives New Meaning to "Bird Feeder"

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The cockatoo in the following video is giving brand new meaning to the term "bird feeder."

(Sorry, we shouldn't use those words around this Vaseline-soaked squirrel. He's probably still a tad bitter. And sticky.)

According to the description on YouTube, this bird’s name is Spike and he’s happily doing his Great Dane friends a major solid by tossing numerous treats their way.

The dogs can barely eat as many Milk Bones as Spike is throwing from the kitchen counter, but we doubt they mind.

We just wonder if they'll be able to return the favor later on and somehow provide Spike with some seed...

While a friendship between a cockatoo and a couple Great Danes is unexpected, it's not the MOST unexpected animal relationship we've ever seen.

Consider the following candidates for that honor:

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