Chris Brown Performance Ends in Audience Member Stabbing, No One Surprised

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A Chris Brown performance last night ended in someone getting stabbed, and if we ask for a show of hands asking who's surprised ... we don't expect to see a lot of hands.

Chris Breezie

Law enforcement sources say it's yet another case of trouble following the R&B singer and his entourage, and that police have been trying to stop this (to no avail).

The stabbing took place right after Brown finished his set at a YMCMB Drake-Lil Wayne after-party at Supperclub in Hollywood, according to witnesses and reports.

Several people leaving got into a fight and someone got stabbed. The victim, whose identity is not known, was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay.

Not unlike when Suge Knight was shot in last month's possible pre-VMA assassination attempt on Chris Brown, no arrests were made, for a simple reason:

No one is coming forward to point any fingers or spill the beans.

Police, understandably, are increasingly frustrated by Brown's entourage, telling TMZ that wherever the singer and his posse go, "someone ends up bleeding."

"When Brown and his people show, we know what's going to happen. It's a headache for us," one law enforcement team member reportedly said.

The LAPD has privately met with club owners around the city, to pressure them into blacklisting Chris and his crew in an attempt to curb the violence preemptively.

Perhaps not shockingly, the clubs are still having Chris Brown perform as planned; they make too much coin off the singer, so his peeps are totes welcome.

The singer throws around Bloods gang signs and does not keep his affiliation with the street thugs a secret, though he has not been accused of instigating violence.

Not directly, anyway. Police believe it "emanates" from Chris and the shady characters who hang around him, and fear this may soon end very badly for someone.

But hey ... at least he and Drake have quashed the beef.

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