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Avril Lavigne has been victimized by the Hollywood hacker.

Naked pictures of the Canadian singer hit 4Chan and Reddit today, as the anonymous (and totally disgusting) culprit at the center of this never-ending scandal struck again.

Leaking photos he found by breaking into a star’s cell phone or computer, and likely stored on the cloud (whatever that is), his list of victims continues to grow.

Avril Lavigne is Pure Gothic-Chic

Some of the Lavigne photos feature the artist dressed in an alluring outfit – including thigh-high stockings and a garter belt – while being surrounded by all kinds of Hello Kitty merchandise.

We’re talking about pillows and comforters, etc. You name it. There are also topless pictures, but they do not show Avril’s face, so they may be fake.


This sordid mess started a few weeks ago when the Internet was suddenly flooded with photographs of Jennifer Lawrence nude and Kate Upton nude.

Here’s a look at who’s been hacked so far …

A few other major celebrities were also hacked at the time, but then all seemed quiet while the FBI looked into the case and the public decried such a violation of privacy.

Over the weekend, however, the perverted hacker unveiled a second wave of NC-17-rated images with A-listers as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian among the victims.

Gabrielle Union, Amber Heard, Meagan Good, McCarthy, Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere were also hacked in this second wave of naked images released.

Then, this morning, Jenny McCarthy nude pictures went viral, though THG refuses to post any of these explicit images out of respect for those involved against their will.

We hope they catch this pervert soon and lock him up. In the meantime, we can only imagine who’s next. Here’s a list of stars who have NOT been hacked: