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If you’re gonna quit your job, you may as well go out guns (and blunts) blazing. 

At least that’s the philosophy of Alaskan TV reporter Charlo Greene, who walked away from her job last night in decisive fashion and then basically used the burning bridge to spark a fat joint:

TV Reporter Quits to Run 'Cannabis Club'

Greene was wrapping up a report on the Alaskan Cannabis Club when she revealed live on air that she’s actually the owner of the organization, and is planning to step down from her post as an on-air correspondent in order to devote herself fully to the cause of legalizing medical marijuana use in Alaska.

Or as Greene put it: "F-ck it, I quit!"


The appropriately-named Greene says she started the Cannabis Club in order to "connect medical marijuana patients in need to Alaskan cardholders with green."

As for why she why she quit her job in such dramatic fashion, Greene says her goal wasn’t to plug her business venture, but rather to call attention to the need for legalized weed:

"If I offended anyone, I apologize, but I’m not sorry for the choice that I made," Greene said today. "I wanted to draw attention to the issue. And the issue is medical marijuana."

And we’re sure Charlo has gained millions of new fans today, as her epic resignation appealed to both stoners and fans of outrageous public behavior.

Heck, she might be our favorite on-air talent since apparently kid.

Check out the gallery below for a list of celebrity stoners who no doubt share Greene’s passion for the cause: