13 Naked Text Message Fails: OOPS! Wrong Number!

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A few weeks ago, THG chronicled 13 failed attempts at online seduction, as countless folks in the Internet era have attempted to text message their way into the hearts pants of their desired paramour.

Others, however, believe that a picture says 1,000 words (all of them sexy!) and have simply sent their loved ones a naked photo in an attempt to scintillate.

There's just been the occasional hiccup: sometimes these images go to the wrong number. Talk about a major oopsie!

Nothing, of course, will ever top this college student, who sent a nude picture to her dad (yes, her dad!). But the examples below are pretty darn embarrassing... and hilarious.

So, in the wake this week's The Fappening, it only seems appropriate that we try and comfort Jennifer Lawrence and company via the following slideshow. You aren't alone, ladies.

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