13 Naked Text Messages That Went to the Wrong Number

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OOPS! Here are some examples of nude text messages send to the wrong individual.

1. My bad!

My bad!
More like you're GOOD, man! Thanks for the laugh.


This women was laughing her effin rear end off and making a sad face before even realizing she had the wrong number.

3. U want it?

U want it?
Oh, sorry. Maybe someone else wants it.

4. Ya think?!?

Ya think?!?
Yup, definitely the wrong person.

5. Hi, JD!

Hi, JD!
And how are you today, buddy?

6. No, YOU have the wrong number!

No, YOU have the wrong number!
This person may not understand how cell phones work.

7. Who is this?!?

Who is this?!?
Wait... I didn't say to go away!

8. Nice bra, but...

Nice bra, but...
... I've got news for you.

9. Hey, Jude

Hey, Jude
Easily our favorite text message reply ever.

10. What the heck is going on?!?

What the heck is going on?!?
This is just very complicated.

11. You miss me, right?

You miss me, right?
Right? Right?!? Is anyone there?

12. Tarzan pose

Tarzan pose
Well, we laughed at least. Mission accomplished?

13. Thong number!

Thong number!
Thong number? Thong number?!? We love dat sense of humor.

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