Wayward Tortoise Detained by Los Angeles Police, Eventually Claimed by Owner

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Did you hear the one about the turtle who tried to cross the street... only to get subdued by multiple police officers?

This isn't a joke set-up. It's an actual question based on an actual story.

Over the weekend, authorities in greater Los Angeles came across a wayward tortoise named Clark who tried to “make a run for it,” according to the Alhambra Police Department Facebook page.

Tortoise in Los Angeles

Fortunately, a couple “pretty fast officers” tracked down the creature and worked together to haul the 150-pound behemoth into a cruiser.

They took him to a local animal rescue center, where he was eventually reunited with his owner.

For those wondering: yes, keeping giant desert tortoises is illegal without a permit, but law enforcement officials decided not to prosecute Clark's owners.

"We enjoy keeping families together, so an exception was made in this case," the Alhambra police said in a statement.

We're okay with that, especially because they were likely busy fielding 911 calls about Facebook being down.

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