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The long list of celebrities who can’t stand Justin Bieber may have just gotten longer.

TMZ caught up with Tyson Beckford outside an LA club last night and when the topic of the Biebs came up, Tyson gave a hilariously perfect response.

You see, a few weeks back Bieber and Shanina Shaik were rumored to be banging. Shanina and Tyson had dated previously, so when the cameraman mentions the possiblity of a Justin-Shanina relationship you might expect Beckford to get pissed.

Instead he gives a response that might have made our new favorite Biebs-hater:

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To paraphrase, Tyson basically said, Nah, Justin’s not hitting that, I’m still hitting that. Then he awesomely added, "Little boys can’t play with grown man toys."


Yes. Sure Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber, but Tyson just laid him out verbally. 

Basically everything that Justin does is part of a desperate attempt to show the world how "hard" he is, so being publicly called out as a little boy is basically his worst nightmare.

This is a great example of finding your opponent’s weak spot and attacking it relentlessly.

We tip out hat to you, Mr. Beckford. We’re sure justin is weeping into his Froot Loops somewhere.