Shannon and David Beador Put Divorce Rumors to Bed ... With TMI Photo From Bed!

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Reality star Shannon Beador wants to put all the divorce rumors to bed.

Or at least Tweet a photo of herself with husband David Beador in bed!

In an uncharacteristic move coming just hours after The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, she posted this shot of herself and David snuggling together:

TMI? Maybe. But cute, candid and refreshingly sweet from the parents of three.

The duo's marital strife has been a recurring storyline all season, and resurfaced with a vengeance last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

Is it a thing of the past, though? That certainly seems to be the implication.

The photo was posted in reply to a Twitter user who wondered if the Beadors were laughing in bed reading “all the tweets of the Dubrows getting roasted tonight."

Who knew that was quite literally the case!

Shannon Beador tweeted back with the photo of her shirtless hubby, “@TrishMack omg! Never respond to twitter but trying to figure it out! You caught us!”

Wow. Nicely played Shannon.

As those of us who watch The Real Housewives of Orange County know, new cast member Beador and her husband fought through drama this entire season.

After David had emailed his wife saying that he might want a divorce, that message became the talk of the OC and Beador tried to save her marriage on TV.

David claimed he apologized for that email and that they smoothed things over 12 hours later; Shannon was not so lucky with her so-called friends.

Who said what about their marriage became a point of contention, and certainly didn't help any effort David and Shannon made to get back on track.

They appear to be defying the critics lately, however. Much as haters such as the Dubrows want to take the Beadors down, don't count them out yet.

Shannon, who famously admitted that she was sleeping in a different bed than her husband, is clearly back in the same one right now - and proud of it!

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