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Tony Stewart has pulled out of a second NASCAR race this weekend and remains in hiding after the tragic August 9 crash that killed Kevin Ward Jr.

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Authorities are continuing to investigate, reportedly with the help of a second video of the crash, to decide if criminal charges should be filed against him.

The footage, filmed by a fan, allegedly shows Tony Stewart accelerating as he came close to Kevin Ward, who was wearing dark clothing on that fateful day.

In the video, Tony is reportedly seen hitting the younger driver with his rear right tire, which pulled him under the car, then threw him back up in the air.

The car of Tony Stewart killed Kevin Ward Jr., who died of massive blunt trauma to the head after he was struck outside his own vehicle last weekend.

The up-and-coming racer from New York State was just 20 years old.

Stewart’s reps have claimed that he did not see Kevin, but another driver, Paul Kinney, told NBC News: “Only Tony knows exactly what happened."

However, "I seen Kevin clear as day. Nobody else ran into him, either.”


Ward’s family and friends have had harsh words for the champion, calling him a d–k and worse, though we may never know what took place in his head.

The NASCR star is reportedly cooperating with authorities, though the three-time Sprint Cup champion is staying far away from his home in Columbus, Indiana.

His private plane was allegedly seen picking up luggage in Tony’s hometown before it took off to an unknown location. His whereabouts are a mystery.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old Stewart says he won’t be competing in this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway.