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A Florida woman attacked, then burglarized her 84-year-old grandmother earlier this week, all over $80 she wanted for a hotel room, local police say.

Brigitte Matzke, 25, and husband Alex Caldwell, 26, were both arrested shortly after the alleged attack too place, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Police received a 911 call reporting screaming and banging coming from the house. They found the victim, Aida Matzke, sitting on her stoop crying.

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Investigators say that at about 9:40 p.m., Brigitte Matzke and Caldwell went to her grandmother’s home and demanded $80 to spend the night at a hotel.

Matzke allegedly grabbed her grandma, ripped off her bra, twisted her wrists and stole jewelry after her she refused to give her the money, news reports say.

When Aida Matzke tried to call 911, her granddaughter ripped the landline phone out of the wall and threw it at her before fleeing with $1,900 in stolen items.


Shortly after midnight, a local deputy spotted the pair’s car at a gas station in South Daytona. Caldwell was removed from the vehicle and arrested.

Matzke was found hiding in the men’s bathroom of the gas station.

Both miscreants were charged with assault and battery, false imprisonment, grand theft, possession of methamphetamine and threatening a witness.

And speaking of Crystal Meth …