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In news first broken by The Hollywood Gossip, Tina Seals filed for maternity of Blue Ivy Carter in July, making the unusual claim that she – and not Beyonce – is the birth mother of this famous toddler.

And this much is true: Seals did file the lawsuit in a Manhattan court.

But a follow-up investigation has revealed that Seals has also filed countless other similar lawsuits over the years; against Kim Kardashian, for example.

And against Mariah Carey… and against Kate Middleton.

She also once sued the U.S. government for $5 million because, according to the official document, Barack Obama and company are “claiming [she is] an AWOL Congresswoman.”

So… yeah. Tina Seals isn’t the most reliable woman.

Yes, there were those Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors from way back in 2011, and many were suspicious of why Beyonce rented out the entire wing of a hospital to give birth.

Still it’s very safe to assume she is Blue Ivy’s mother. Seals’ nonsense likely only gained traction because talk of a Jay Z-Beyonce divorce continues to circulate.

Regardless of maternity or paternity issues, the couple is reportedly at major odds, barely speaking and possibly on the verge of a mega break-up.

We’ll keep readers apprised of their status as time goes on.