Blue Ivy Camping Photos!

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The Carters took some time out to go camping with Blue Ivy. Fortunately for us, they shared some photos online.

1. Blue Ivy and Beyonce: Trampoline!

Blue Ivy and Beyonce: Trampoline!
Bey and Blue get their bounce on. The Carters may be ballers, but they know how to have fun the simple way, too.

2. Blue Ivy Poolside

Blue Ivy Poolside
Blue chilling by the pool. As you may have guessed, her swimsuit

3. Beyonce By The Lake

Beyonce By The Lake
Bey chills by the water. She shared this photo online, but didn't reveal her location.

4. Blue Ivy With Crayons

Blue Ivy With Crayons
Baby Blue picks out her favorite crayon. We have a guess as to what her favorite color might be.

5. Beyonce and Jay in The Woods

Beyonce and Jay in The Woods
We wouldn't have pegged the Carters as the camping type. We guess even the South of France gets old eventually.

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