Texas Teen Runs Away, Lives in Walmart for Four Days

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According to a local CBS affiliate, an unnamed 14-year cleared ran away from home this week and took up temporary residence in a Corsicana, Texas Walmart.

For four days.

Reports confirm the teenager cleared two spaces behind the store's baby and home goods aisles and stocked them with food, juice and bedding.

He even grabbed a goldfish for company.

To avoid detection, the young man used store diapers instead of the bathroom and was only discovered after trash piled up around him.

The boy lives with his parents, but was visiting an aunt when he ran away.

Police say the kid has a history of leaving home and has hidden in abandoned houses, businesses and creeks in the past.

We're just glad he's okay, we hope he finds whatever guidance he's looking for - and we find this particular story hilarious.

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