Taylor Swift on How She Always Looks So Perfect Post-Workout: All About the Hairbrush!

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Taylor Swift is living in NYC these days, and when she's not handing out Chipotle money to random fans, she's showing the ladies of Manhattan what fierce really looks like.

Yes, Taylor's New York hotness is the stuff of online legend these days, but while most of us are content to simply watch Swifty look gorgeous as she goes about her day, many fans have been left wondering how Taylor is never caught with a hair out of place ... even when she's leaving the gym.

Fortunately, Seth Meyers put Taylor on the spot last night and finally forced her to answer the question so many have been wanting to ask: how do you always look runway-ready post-workout?!

Taylor is usually openly awkward and candid to a fault, but in this case, her response will likely have many crying foul:

"I bring a change of clothes," Swift told Meyers. "I bring a hairbrush! It's not like an extra hour at the gym. I read that somewhere, and it's not."

We don't want to be the ones to say Taylor is full of it, but does she really expect us to believe she just steps off the treadmill and hits the streets looking flawless? 

We love us some Swifty as much as anyone, but there's no denying that hotness like this takes time:


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