Tamra Barney to Lizzie Rovsek: Eddie Judge Would Never F--k You With a 10-Foot Pole!

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If The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 finale was the swan song for embattled star Tamra Barney, she sure went out with a bang.

Previous reports have indicated that her if actions this season didn't get Tamra Barney fired already, it's only a mater of time. We'll have to wait and see.

In any case, her feud with Lizzie Rovsek erupted again last night.

Their now-infamous game, in which we may or may not have learned that Eddie Judge wants to f--k Rovsek, provided the fireworks to close out Season 9.

The off-camera truth-or-dare style party activity featured Eddie being asked whom he would rather marry, shag, or kill among the RHOC cast members.

He supposedly said Rovsek would be the one he’d want to “shag.” Lizzie, to Tamra, adamantly maintains that she said “marry” in the game, not "f--k."

“Whatever you think I said, I apologize,” Rovsek told Barney during a party on last night's intense episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Rovsek’s husband Christian told Tamra, “It doesn’t f--king matter. We played the game. When stuff became personal … you kind of closed up.”

Barney retorted that, “It did hurt my feelings and actually … [I got upset] when she said, ‘I want to shag Eddie because I want Mexican-Italian babies.'"

“And knowing the situation we have with the whole baby thing,” said Barney, who this season discussed having another baby with her third husband.

Eddie Judge, who is adopted, is of Mexican descent.

“I was just having fun!” claimed Rovsek, who is Italian, later telling the cameras, “I don’t feel sorry for Tamra and her baby situation. She has four kids."

"She’s been married three times. I think she has plenty of babies."

Barney later said, "What you said about my husband was disgusting. Listen, Kentucky Fried T!tties, my husband would never touch you with a 10-foot pole.”

Rovsek, a former beauty queen from Kentucky, is also rumored to be getting the chop from Bravo once the reunion shows air in the coming weeks.

Will she and Tamra really be fired? Should they be?

We'll leave that up to you to tell us in the comments. To see the finale in full, watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online at TV Fanatic.

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