21 Best Tamra Barney Quotes

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The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney has given us so many great lines through the years. Here's a look back.

1. Why would you trust a chick ...

Why would you trust a chick ...
... with boobs bigger than her brain?

2. F--k You! Get the F--k Out!

F--k You! Get the F--k Out!
Sums it up right there.

3. Done.

One word says it all.

4. I Got the Ring, Bitches!

I Got the Ring, Bitches!
Third time's the charm.

5. I Deserve It

I Deserve It
You totally do, Tamra Barney Judge. Whatever IT is.

6. Wines By Wives

Wines By Wives
BECAUSE WINE!! All the wine for the housewives all the time!

7. Who Does That?

Who Does That?
No, really? WHO? (One of Tamra's frenemies, that's who...)

8. Blame It On The

Blame It On The
Ah ah ah ah alcohol...and if you're a Housewife, there's a good chance the alcohol is to blame.

9. That Explains It

That Explains It
This is why Tamra has such a hard time getting along with the other housewives for longer than a season.

10. Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception
Or, well, you know, not so immaculate considering Tamra's take on how a-holes are born.

11. No Words Necessary

No Words Necessary
Sometimes Tamra Barney doesn't need to use her words at all.

12. Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents
What ELSE does she know how to do, huh? Inquiring minds and all...

13. That's Irrelevant

That's Irrelevant
This is what you say to that person you really, really don't care about at all when you want to make them feel really, really unimportant.

14. Bring It On

Bring It On
Or bring THEM on. But maybe don't put the penises in your ears. That's...probably not where they go.

15. Ready For Her Close Up

Ready For Her Close Up
She really DOES wake up looking that fabulous...because she goes to sleep that way. You know, just in case she gets arrested in the middle of the night.

16. Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar Liar Pants on Fire
He's a lying liar who lies, right Tamra? Right. He totally is. Because Tamra said so.

17. Lazy

Hmmm, who might Tamra be insulting here? Could be absolutely anybody.

18. Jugs for Jesus

Jugs for Jesus
This is probably the best Tamra Barney insult in the history of insults anywhere ever.

19. Jealousy

We're sure it's just green with envy, right? (See also: Gross. AND HILARIOUS.)

20. Drag Queen

Drag Queen
Who are you talking about Tamra? There are so many options here.

21. Probably a B*tch

Probably a B*tch
She's PROBABLY a bitch. Not definitely. Just probably. Maybe.

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