Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan: "Absolutely Hammered" in the Hamptons, According to Witnesses

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Lindsay Lohan is back in the US after a five-month European bender that somehow didn't result in jail time or an emergency liver transplant.

So after nearly half a year of hitting every club and London and falling down drunk all over Italy, surely Linds is ready to settle down and take it easy for a bit now that she's home, right? 

Ha! No, she's getting hammered in the Hamptons with her waste case mom, of course.

Lindsay Lohan in the Hamptons
Dina Lohan Drunk Photo

Yes, if you were concerned that Dina Lohan's DUI conviction would slow down her boozing, worry no longer!

The world's crackiest mother-daughter duo hit the Hamptons over the weekend and according to witnesses they seemed to be competing to see who could make the most embarrassing mess of themselves:

One club patron described Dina as "absolutely hammered," and stated that the mother of three "was throwing back drink after drink, dancing and flailing about all over the place. She kept going up to people and striking up random conversations."

Lindsay was described as looking "equally wobbly" while entering the club later that same night.

Yes, Lindsay was stumbling while walking into the club, but she still wasn't as wasted as her mom. Don't think about this story too hard, or it goes from funny to super sad.

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